August 2023 Progresss update

September 10, 2023

Hello again! This month doesn’t have as many big changes as last month, but some exciting things are being worked on!

What’s new?

You may not have noticed, but LEM has been updated! The following changes are now available:

  • 1.8 Knockback 1.8 Styled knockback is now available in Battle! By default this is enabled, however it can be disabled in Combat Options by either switching to Modern Combat or disabling it in Custom Combat.

  • Sliders & Tickboxes The work in progress new menu system has received some notable updates recently! New types of menu elements are now possible, allowing for more progress to be made with New Menu getting closer to a full release. We’re still in the process of adding these new elements to all the places they should exist, but in most places they already exist now!

  • Removed herobrine

    What’s being worked on?

  • ToolBox Rewrite LEM-ToolBox is being completely rewritten from the ground up in Java, designed to avoid the problems that the original ToolBox had that caused it to eventually be unuseable. On top of this, due to it being written in Java it will now be possible to run it on more server hosts!

  • ModTools Overhaul ModTools is in the process of being completely overhauled! Improved map editor visuals and useability, new submission process, easier installation, and more possibilities for mod creators. None of these changes are in a useable state yet, We’ll make sure to make a blogpost for when its all available!

  • New Documentation LEM is getting its documentation rewritten, making it easier to find what you’re looking for while providing better explanations to questions. You can see the current work in progress version here!


LEM is not associated with Mojang Studios or 4J Studios.