July 2023 Progresss update

August 3, 2023

Introducing progress updates!

As a way to keep the community up to date on what is happening with LEM, we will now be doing progress updates every month covering what’s been going on over here!

Note: If there is nothing notable to report on a progress report may not be made for that month.

These updates will include screenshots of things that are being worked on, giving you a look at what is to come!

What’s new?

You may not have noticed, but LEM has been updated! The following changes are now available:

  • 1.20.1 support The server has now been updated to the latest Minecraft version! For anyone looking for a modpack that is immediately compatible with LEM 1.20.1, see Console-Idated by S_N00B!

  • New IP LEM has a new IP address! legacyminigames.xyz You can find all the new IPs at the Join page.

  • LEM Trailer LEM now has a trailer created by S_N00B!

  • New Save Data system LEM has a completely new Save Data system! All player Save Data and Advancements have been wiped.
    This new system is more stable than the previous one (Data corruption shouldn’t happen anymore) and it also allows for more kinds of things to be saved, Futureproofing ourselves for things like Glide PB saving!

  • LCH ArmorBar LEMClientHelper now has an accurate ArmorBar available in its most recent version! It will show if an item is enchanted, its durability, and will render at the correct size!

  • Battle panorama customization Menu Server panorama settings now transfer over to the battle server! You can set the panorama to be any panorama from older LCE versions and force it to use the night panorama if you’d like!

  • R26.7 Released R26.7 has been released! You can see the changelog here.

  • Removed herobrine

    What’s being worked on?

  • Bedrock support is in development! Its still very early development, it will likely be a while until its actually available.


LEM is not associated with Mojang Studios or 4J Studios.