Where has LEM been?

May 31, 2023

Around a month and a half ago (as of writing this post), Legacy Edition Minigames suddenly went into a hiatus, what happened?

Before the hiatus, moderation was becoming more and more of a problem with lack of proper rule enforcement. This resulted in things getting way too out of hand, we won’t get into the details here but it involed things along the lines of harrassing another member’s community and server repeatedly.

This isn’t the only incident, but this one is what really got us thinking of what could be done to prevent this from ever happening again as it ever occuring is absolutely unacceptable.

The conclusion we came to was to temporarily close the server to allow us to have some time to work on this problem more, we used this time to rewrite the rules and have better guideance for moderators of what to do in certain situations.

We’ve also decided to put the server into a Closed Alpha, why?

The server has been put into a Closed Alpha due to the decision that it isn’t ready for a public enviornment.

The code is still very unstable and the moderation team is still very small. There isn’t enough moderators here to be able to handle the server in a public enviornment, especially with how large the server became before the hiatus.

If you would like to join the closed alpha, please see the Join page.

We’re unsure when the server will go public again, but it will likely be a long time from now.

Other Notes

Here are some other things we’d like to mention before you go!

  • The server has been updated to 1.19.4, support for older versions has been dropped for now.

  • The Menu Server has received some backend changes (Moving its code to LEM.Base split), it now supports features like CustomPack!

  • LEM.Base split is now on the main server! This also means the Resource Pack has been updated to R26.6, if you’re interested in the changelog for that you can find the page for it here.

  • OptiFine support has been removed. A more in-depth explanation to why will be provided soon. No longer nessecary, OptiFine has fixed the bug that resulte in us dropping support.

  • We have new logos! You probably have already noticed one of them at the top of the website, they were designed by S_N00B!

  • New bridge for discord has also been added to the main server, on top of this Join Ping messages only get sent after a user gets loaded into the game.

If you’ve gotten down to here, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read all of this! We hope you enjoy Legacy Edition Minigames!


LEM is not associated with Mojang Studios or 4J Studios.